About Our Services

Welcome to the Middle School. These particular years are a time of dramatic physical, social, and emotional changes marked by a number of positive and challenging adjustments for both parents and the pre-adolescent and early teen. These middle grades are also important for the development of self-esteem and life-long attitudes towards learning and relationships. In order to meet these growing needs, the Middle School employs a collaborative approach to support students in achieving their full potential. As Counselors, we work closely with students, grade level teams, parents, and classroom teachers to provide appropriate counseling services. Mr. Jonathan Webster works with students in Grade 8, Ms. Karin Lockwood works with students in Grade 7, and the grade 6 students are split alphabetically by last name: A-K with Mr. Webster and L-Z with Ms. Lockwood.

Of course, students are welcome to visit with either member of our counseling team should they have an urgent need or preference. Mr. Lalit Kapoor, the secretary located in the Middle School Office on the first floor, can coordinate meetings for students and parent requests. Please feel free to contact Mr. Kapoor at extension 3315 or lkapoor@aes.ac.in for any concerns.

Our school is in a regular state of transition with students leaving and arriving throughout the school year. When families are admitted to AES, a personal meeting is arranged to review and discuss the Middle School program and the individual needs of the child. Our Office also facilitates the exiting process by acknowledging student departures during Assembly time and hosting a Farewell Lunch. At the end of each year, we provide assistance to students entering the Middle School from 5th grade and those leaving the Middle School to enter High School. This takes the form of visiting the new school, being introduced to next year’s teachers, selecting courses or electives, and in the case of Grade 5’s, learning how to open locks.

We also utilize our Peer Ambassador Program in welcoming new students. The Peer Ambassadors comprise Middle School student leaders who welcome and orient new students and their parents to the school. The Ambassadors provide follow-up meetings during the transition period by leading Welcome Pizza Lunches and Neighborhood Block Parties.

As Counselors, we work closely with the academic departments to assist the students in their selection of courses and to arrange and adjust student schedules as needed throughout the year. We also follow up on academic, social and emotional concerns about our students. These concerns may be communicated by the students themselves, other students, teachers, administrators or parents. The important point is that we work in partnership.

Finally, we hope to be a resource to our parent community. In partnership with the Parent and Staff Association (PSA), monthly coffee mornings are held to provide information on a wide-range of issues. These have previously included: Third Culture Kids, Digital Citizenship, Managing Transitions, Navigating Friendships, and Parenting Effectively.

The AES Middle School goals are to foster respect, responsibility, trust, and diversity with the aim to inspire the global citizen within all of us. Together as a parent-faculty team we are sure to meet or exceed these expectations for your child.