MAP Assessment info

With MAP Assessment just around the corner, I wanted to post some details information. If you have some questions about what the MAP Assessment looks like feel free to review the slideshow and video below. For parents, please know that you will receive more info regarding how to interpret your child’sĀ MAP data, after the assessment period.

MAP AssessmentsĀ are not something that students and parents need to be stressed over, nor is it an assessment that requires any preparation. The best way to be ready is to have had a good nights sleep, be well nourished and have your iPad fully charged.

Here is a slideshow that shows some examples of questions.

Also, here is a small video that we made a few years ago to show what the assessment looks like. Please note that the schedule is different this year so the first assessment (language usage) won’t be until Monday.

NOTE: While this video is accurate in the MAP assessment information, please know that dates mentioned are false as this video was originally designed when the wed-based MAP format was new to AES.

Thank you