Being your child’s digital mentor

Thank you for joining us to discuss how we work toward being a digital mentor for your child. Guiding MS age students to make healthy and positive choices is a partnership and increasing our understanding of how kids use technology.

Additional Resources
Fortnite: A Parent’s Guide
Common Sense Media
Screenagers Movie Website (with a Resources Page)
WHO Classifies ‘Gaming Disorder’ as Mental Health Condition
Healthy Kids

Week withOut Walls (WOW)

For any parents that missed the presentation regarding the upcoming week without walls please see below.
Also, please be reminded that the WOW Mela is coming up on Monday, October 8th in the Hall of Peace. As the expression goes, “the best gear to use is the gear you already own”. That said, there may be a few odds and ends (ie. torch, sun cover, etc) that you may want to pick up.

Additionally, here is the initial letter from the MS Assistant Principal’s office.

If you need a copy of the waiver please find it below. This needs to be signed and submitted to the MS office.
WoW Waiver.

MAP Assessment info

With MAP Assessment just around the corner, I wanted to post some details information. If you have some questions about what the MAP Assessment looks like feel free to review the slideshow and video below. For parents, please know that you will receive more info regarding how to interpret your child’s MAP data, after the assessment period.

MAP Assessments are not something that students and parents need to be stressed over, nor is it an assessment that requires any preparation. The best way to be ready is to have had a good nights sleep, be well nourished and have your iPad fully charged.

Here is a slideshow that shows some examples of questions.

Also, here is a small video that we made a few years ago to show what the assessment looks like. Please note that the schedule is different this year so the first assessment (language usage) won’t be until Monday.

NOTE: While this video is accurate in the MAP assessment information, please know that dates mentioned are false as this video was originally designed when the wed-based MAP format was new to AES.

Thank you

Where Did You Come From???? New Student Lunch




At an international school such as AES we love to celebrate the fact that our students are from all over the world. We’d love for you to contribute to an AES Map that shows where “home” is to you. The idea of “home” may be more difficult to define for some of us who have spent our life traveling the world, moving from post-to-post and integrating in and out of cultures.

Is home…

… where you grew up?

… the place where your passport is from?

… where your parents are from?

… where you lived last?

… a place that you identify with?

Home may actually be many places but I will ask you to select one place, if you can to put on our shared map.

Follow the link here to the AES New Student Map.

HAGS (have a great summer)!

After an action-packed and productive 2017-2018 school year, we wish all our students/families and our staff a wonderful summer break. If you are among the ‘leavers’, we are grateful for your presence and participation in our community, and we wish you all the best as you continue your journey, adventures, and learning elsewhere in the world. For those of you who are returning, we look forward to welcoming you back warmly in August. Travel safely, enjoy time with family and friends, and immerse yourselves in activities that help to restore and revitalize you. And if you’re feeling bored, check out this Pinterest for some ideas of things to do!